Emma Gover

Dance Instructor

Emma started dancing at just 4 years old and knew very quickly that she wanted to keep the art of dance in her life forever. Being on stage is one of the best feelings and she is so glad that she got to experience that for so many years. Through competitive dance and technique classes, she grew a lot at her Studio in Orleans for 12 consecutive years. During her last years as a competitive dancer, she began teaching and choreographing for The Academy of Dance Arts.

Emma moved to Australia for 7 months, during her time there she missed teaching and started again for the next season when she returned. While in Australia, she took classes at Mad Dance House and loved the aspect of taking new dance classes in other countries. Along with dance, traveling is a big passion for Emma. Being able to combine the two of those things is even better. Emma enjoys sharing her knowledge and love for dance to young students or any new dancers in a fun, yet serious way. She knows that shaping dancers and technique from a young age is so important and has taught the ADAPT syllabus to most ages. She also knows it’s most important to have fun along the way. Emma excels in Hip hop and Jazz but has danced and taught all genres her studio had to offer like Tap, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary etc.

Emma hopes to grow in the dance world and take all opportunities head on. Even after 7 years of teaching dance, she has all the ideas to bring her choreography to life and can’t wait to execute them. She wants all her students to become confident dancers who will light up the room, as it really is an amazing feeling to become better and better at what you do. Everyone can be a dancer! For Emma, it’s important that each and every student in her class feels like they are heard, she wants everyone to feel comfortable enough to be able to break out of their shell and all it takes is one good teacher who believes in you. Seeing potential and then real growth in her students is her goal.